Stormwater cleanouts are access points or structures within a stormwater drainage system that allow for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of the system. They are typically designed as vertical pipes or manholes that provide entry into the underground stormwater infrastructure.

Here are some aspects related to stormwater cleanouts:

  1. Inspection and Maintenance: Stormwater cleanouts are strategically placed at various points along the stormwater drainage network to enable easy access for inspection and maintenance activities. They allow personnel to assess the condition of the pipes, check for blockages or obstructions, and perform necessary cleaning or repairs.
  2. Cleaning and Flushing: Stormwater cleanouts provide an entry point for flushing out debris, sediment, and other pollutants that may accumulate within the drainage system. This cleaning process helps maintain the efficiency and functionality of the stormwater infrastructure, preventing blockages and ensuring proper water flow during heavy rainfall events.
  3. Connections and Diversion: Cleanouts can serve as connection points between different sections of the stormwater system. They allow for diversion or redirection of water flow, which can be useful during maintenance work or when managing the stormwater flow during heavy rainfall to avoid overwhelming the system.
  4. Safety and Access: Cleanouts are designed with safety in mind, providing a secure access point for personnel to enter and work within the stormwater infrastructure. They may include features like covers, ladders, or steps to ensure safe entry and exit. Adequate clearance and space are also important to allow personnel to perform their tasks effectively.
  5. Design and Standards: The design and specifications of stormwater cleanouts may vary depending on local regulations, engineering standards, and the specific requirements of the stormwater management system. Factors such as pipe diameter, material, depth, and spacing between cleanouts are considered during the design process to meet the needs of the drainage system and facilitate maintenance procedures.

Overall, stormwater cleanouts play a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and efficiency of stormwater drainage systems. They provide access for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance activities, ensuring proper stormwater management and minimizing the risk of flooding, blockages, or system failures.